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My name is Angela Elsa Reimuth, I work as a freelance dancer, choreographer and performer based in Kassel.

I am initiating and joining collaborations and creations in Kassel and beyond, in Performance, Video-Dance and Dance-mediation. In my artistic work I'm interested in the fusion of dance and other disciplines such as artistry, poetry, theatre, installation and fine arts. I like to use different materials like sand or paper to access certain themes or physicalities. I make dances in relation to my internal and external. Because of that and because I want to enhance cultural participation in society I am working a lot in urban and alternative spaces. I believe that dance, as an expressive tool beyond  soziocultural and language barriers can be a great engine for social processes.

Angela Reimuth 09.2022 © K-H  Mierke MZ7_3241_.jpg





professional training in contemporary dance at SOZO visions in Motion, Kassel

Pilates-Teacher training, Kane School

dance education Fata Morgana in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel



Bevor die Zeit zerrinnt.... | solo dance piece, funded by Dachverband Tanz Germany

Durchs Labyrinth...der anderen Gärten | by Velia Malika Hahnemann, Zukunftsdorf22, Kassel

Ausgesetzt | Duo Kontrapunkt, city of Kassel

Shad Eau | Sneaky Leaks, tanz*werk Kassel by Marie Simson

Anverso - A moving installation | by Iria Arenas in Kassel, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Dorsten

Bordsteinkantenbalance | Sneaky Leaks, tanz*werk Kassel with Marie Simson

Anverso Filmproduction | by Iria Arenas, Lake Studios Berlin

Imprinted | Sneaky Leaks, tanz*werk Kassel by Deborah Manavi, Kassel and Leipzig


Femina Sport | Sneaky Leaks, tanz*werk Kassel with Hannah Breuker

Anverso | tour on Fringe Festivals in Gothenburg & Stockholm, Sweden

Up here was under there | by Regina van Berkel

Weil Du Gründe Kennst | by Marie Simson

Metamorphosis obscurus | by Angela Elsa Reimuth

dance projects with primary students:

Karl-Anton-Henschel Schule 2021

Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo 2022

Grundschule Brückenhof Nordshausen 2023

dance trainings:

Moving on, tanz*werk Kassel

Profitraining Kassel

Zeitgenössisch-Tanzkurs TSG Wilhelmshöhe (regular class)


VHS Kassel


Photographs by Karl-Heinz Mierke, Hannah Elsner, Marie Simson

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